Illegal Alien Mass Exodus

A report by Center for Immigration Studies suggests that more than one million persons illegally in the country may have gone home. Is the problem solving itself? Well…

Sure, a slowing economy, coupled with the backlash to the communist engineered amnesty marches of the last couple of years, not to mention the for media consumption workplace raids have definitely had an effect, but there are still issues.

First, there is the “anchor baby” issue. Illegal aliens that have children in this country make those children automatically citizens. Many believe this disaster is due to a gross misinterpretation of the Constitution. Those children aren’t even counted as illegal, and the parents are rarely deported, despite some of the rhetoric to the contrary. There is also the issue of illegal alien gangs. Here in Los Angeles, the city attorney even conceded that the gang violence in this city is “being fueled” by these cross border gangs. Drug cartels are literally buying towns-and politicians to inject their product and influence into the United States.

Sure, our spineless police chief can boast about the declining crime rate, but is it really declining? Newspaper reports are contradictory. It is also a fact that reporting criminals-especially gangs, can get you killed. It has a significant effect on the number of crimes reported. The former police chief of Los Angeles has also protested the “new” way of classifying crimes. What used to be crime in the past is no longer in some cases. There is also the high cost of living issue. Not all gangsters, and certainly not all criminals are rolling in dough. Nearby Riverside county, a much cheaper area to live in, has seen an explosion in crime, almost in proportion to the “drop” in L.A. Much work needs to be done, and our elected officials for the most part won’t be there to help. Corruption is rampant in countries like Mexico, where politicians and judges are routinely bought off. I look at Los Angeles, and California in general, what these politicians do, the decisions that they make and…I’m not saying the drug cartels and the gangs have found a way to keep our borders porous, but…

I’ve been to Mexico, and I’ve seen why people want to get the hell out of there. I honestly cant’ blame them. But I also see that they want to leave the horrible conditons of their current lives behind, not the country itself, and certainly not the culture. Again, I can’t blame them. Most people (with the possible exception of Michelle Obama), are proud of their country, no matter what condition it happens to be in. That doesn’t mean they are prepared to live there if they can’t provide for their families or it’s too dangerous. It sounds logical doesn’t it? Get these countries that the illegals are coming from on their feet and all will be well, right? As I said, if you’re waiting for a politician to help you, you’ll be waiting a long time.

I could go on all night, but I’ll leave you with this, just a little tip of this massive iceberg. In a recent visit to Mexico, I bought a souvenir, a hat with the city name embroidered on it. Only when I got home did I look at the label: MADE IN VIETNAM. Millions of willing able-desperate workers in Mexico, and they’re outsourcing!!! I realize that business interest in general have tunnel vision, but isn’t that why we have elected officials? To make sure things don’t get out of hand? To keep it all flowing smoothly?

More to come…

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