Looking into a Mirror

I have a theory that may or may not be accurate. Sometimes it sure seems to be. Our elected “leaders” are just the reflection of the public at large.

Take the current presidential debacle. It highlights the rift in this country over ideology, race and gender. Obama has virtually all the black vote going to him. Sure, he’s a Democrat, but I’m talking the new voters as well. Hillary got the lion’s share of the women’s vote. McCain got the…ok, so the model doesn’t apply in all cases, but you get the idea.

Here in my home town of Los Angeles, our mayor disturbingly fits this model. A drunken racist lech who only knows how to cheat on his wife, raise taxes, and declare that “no one” is illegal. That’s what the people wanted, and by god that’s what they got. I didn’t vote for him, but my candidates never win anyway. This clown denies the race war that is raging in Los Angeles. Of course, his team has the greater numbers. As the face of this city changes, so too, do the leaders that are elected.

Sure, elections are rigged in their own way. By that I mean that the media will only cover certain “viable” candidates, and many times, the ones who actually give a damn, the ones who would actually benefit the people are never given a snowballs chance. Bob Barr will tell you. And Walter Moore, a candidate for mayor of Los Angeles will tell you as well. The media here has a love affair with the mayor, and any potential threats will be squelched-media wise. With most people getting their news from television (a problem in and of itself), exposure through that medium is critical. If you aren’t the chosen one…

Despite the partisan media and electronic voting machines, the people could still have their way if they wanted. If a politician doesn’t stack up, the masses can throw them out on their ear. We did it to the governor here in California. But alas, the state decided they wanted an action hero to take over, rather than a vastly superior candidate named Tom McClintock who also ran in that recall election. The people got what they wanted. Did you know that the state has a mulit-billion dollar shortfall, and there’s no current budget? Nice going fellow citizens…

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One Response to Looking into a Mirror

  1. Jim says:

    I agree, McClintock would have been the better choice. He’s a politician As for the presidential poll, check out the Gallup today. I know it’s early, but I think people are starting to realize that you can’t let one bad seed spoil it for a party that has done so well for our country in previous years. We cannot allow the left to bring in their crazy ideology and take over only to make things worse for the country.
    As for the underrepresented Libertarian Party, I also agree that they should be included more in both the media and the debates. We should have an open discussion that allows all groups to put forth their ideas, in hopes that people will be able to choose a candidate for whom they truly believe in.

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