New Orleans in the Wrong Place?

I’m no engineer, but it seems to me that any city that sits below a large body of water in the wrong place. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I sat there and watched these primitive concrete barriers erected to keep out a huge powerful surge of water.

With the greatest country, and arguably the most advanced civilization of all time at the disposal of the Army Corps of Engineers, you would think that some kind of more effective design could have been at the very least, discussed. Maybe it’s a money issue, maybe priority, maybe a combination of both, but one thing is for sure; the geniuses that run New Orleans must have been sick the day the brains were handed out. Sure, they did all right this time-few could botch it up so stunningly twice in a row! Even pre-Katrina, the city had the dubious distinction of having one of the highest murder rates, not to mention the poverty, that was painfully exposed during Katrina. There was plenty of blame to go around there, from King George all the way down to Knucklehead Nagin.

I know there isn’t an easy solution for New Orleans, from the functional aspects, to the the layout of the city, and those are great reasons to make sure that competentcy is available to run the city. I don’t know too much about the governor, Bobby Jindal, but he sounds like a pretty competent guy. If that turns out to be the case, then there’s hope.

I hope the Saints do well this year.

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