Obama and McCain: Fric and Frac?

What do say about a guy who takes private jets, has his kids enrolled in private schools, and lambastes the rest of us who are bitterly clinging to guns, religion and anti-immigrant sentiment? What do you say about a guy who panders to any special interest that will cement his “maverick” image? I say, once again, there’s nobody to vote for.

Obama’s questionable ignorance of the philosophy of people like the Rev. Jermiah Wright, and the anti-American communist Frank Davis is almost laughble, if not for the the fact he’s a few months away from possibly being elected to the highest office in the land-even the world. Racism, communism-if these are what shaped him, God help us.

McCain’s shameless attempt to pander to ethnicity by trying to blow the borders open with his amnesty bill last year, won him no friends among Republicans, or Americans at large for that matter. He did it again by picking a woman for his running mate. A shameless attempt to attract disgruntled Hillary supporters. I think he just insulted them instead.The only reason he isn’t being creamed in the polls right now is because he’s running against Obama. Face it, Hillary would have embarrassed him. He’s not a popular guy, hero that he is, but never the less, a generally unpopular guy.

It’s a shame that the media picked these two. I say the media, because no matter how much money these two raise, nothing, nothing can compare to the free press that they can get on the big three and cable. It’s funny, that when McCain’s campaign was supposedly on life support not too long ago, he was still making headlines, even as several other Republican candidates struggled to make themselves known. How a little fair press would change this country. Hillary will tell you. Or any of the other Democratic candidates.

Sure, I can cast my protest vote for the Libertarian Bob Barr, but Obama already has this state sewn up. It’s my murmer of protest though. I don’t ask much from a candidate. Just don’t **** it up. That’s all I ask. Trying to deal with what the Bush adminstration has wrought upon this country will take someone relatively conservative and practical. That’s what it will take to clean up the Bush mess. I don’t mean conservative in the Republican sense. Not at all. I mean the dictionary definition. I don’t see that with either of these two.

The borders should be secure-like a normal country, free trade should really be fair, and socialist government handouts and taxing the successful is not an inducement to strive for success. I want to be rich, happy, and be able to point to a brigher future for my children. Do you see that coming with either of these two?

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  1. Jamie Holts says:

    Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

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