The Current Los Angeles Mayor

Current Los Angeles mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, after surviving a recall for his city council seat (not enough legal citizens to sign the petition in his district), ran for mayor and defeated a man who nobody wanted in one of the lowest voter turnouts in Los Angeles history. Just in case he lost though, he already had his papers filed for the state legislature. He is a determined man. When asked about his aspirations for governor, he just smiles and evades the question. It is a given that he’ll pursue the governorship after Arnold is out.

Now, rumors abound at an eventual presidential run somewhere down the line. Here is a man who changed his name to cover up his criminal gang history. This is a man who has documented ties to a vehemently racist anti-American group, who advocate the re-taking, or the reconquista of the American southwest and returning it to Mexico, creating the fabled land of Aztlan, a place that never did exist in reality. And he has plenty of political help in California. You wonder how these anti-American traitors get elected? They’ve carved out their own districts. It’s almost impossible for them to lose, and when their term limits are up, they recruit another like-minded nightmare to succeed them. Then they just merry-go-round to the next political office, where the whole term limit process starts over. Most people, if they read at all, don’t dig down deep enough to ever hear about what’s really going on.

The racist takeover of the U.S. territory, a North American union that will effectively eliminate our borders with Canada and Mexico (not to mention what it will do to the Constitution), drivers licenses for illegal aliens, free schooling (such as it is anymore), free medical care, housing assistance, and other tax payer funded freebies are things that shockingly, even in California, many are completely unaware of. Of course not, when you have a six-pack and cable T.V., what else matters? I’ve been branded a racist for even bringing up the issue of open borders (if they only new me). A very effective tool. Accuse someone else of what you are, and send them scrambling to defend themselves, effectively obliterating any hope for honest dialogue. Call me anything you want. Preserving our country is not about race; it’s not about jingoism or xenophobia either. This is about the human garbage in power slicing and dicing the world to their own narrow-minded advantage. I’m not having it. I’m going down (I fear) swinging.C

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  1. It’s hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.SallyKemptonSally Kempton

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