The Future is Now

It was hot in Southern California today. There was a power advisory earlier; the electrical grid was just over-taxed. Unless there was some recent action, there is no plan to upgrade the grid. This, with the knowledge that the State population will grow by millions in the next twenty years. California used to have at least one of finest school systems in the nation. It now ranks near the bottom. Emergency care was second to none. Now, pray you don’t need emergency room care (provided you can even get your injured body into one). Crime, contrary to statistics, is on the rise. Immigrants many times do not report crimes out of fear they may face deportation by making themselves known (not much reason to be afraid in the sanctuary that is California).

There was a time, not too long ago, when people had pride in their neighborhoods. Now, wayward shopping carts, graffiti, trash, sidewalk urinals and other blight are becoming more and more the norm. I understand “good folks who just want to work”. But who is charge of the influx of new persons into this country? The FEMA Katrina braintrust? If you can’t help yourself, who can you help? Doesn’t that make sense? Wouldn’t it make sense to spread people out instead of cramming everybody into one neighborhood, one city, one country? Our infrastructure is not prepared to handle the kind of influx we are experiencing. But there is no plan to prepare for what the open borders lobby is pushing. I understand the U.S. is a better deal than any third world country, but why create what these people are trying to escape? It’s at best, a misguided approach. Everyone wants a better life. But you don’t raise someone a notch by lowering somebody else.

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One Response to The Future is Now

  1. Nathaniel says:

    From environmental, and perhaps economic, sense it is a good idea to get people crammed together in one space because this tends to reduce overall transit times and reduces resources used just to transport people (why cities are usually more efficient than several spread out towns). Less transit also means less pollution per person.

    About illegal immigrants-one person I met brought an article to my attention describing how immigrants pay to have police and border patrol go after them. How, because they pay some taxes and so do those who employ them. Also a workforce with fewer rights (worried about deportation) can be paid less than one which has more. Thus employers save money themselves but I’ll leave the question open on if this situation is a good one for society. Slavery does the same thing but is actually a known drag on the economy because all of the slaves have abilities they could use better than how the slave master/owner uses them and cannot purchase goods themselves-meaning there would be more commercial transactions if the slaves were free and thus did them themselves. I don’t know if the same overall situation of slavery is the same as illegal immigrants as there are similarities in denial of rights but this is alot worse for slaves and it is illegal immigrants still do things like buy their own cloths, pay rent, and so on-so there are is commercial/economic activity with illegal immigrants. So, I leave the question open to if illegal immigration is bad for society or not right now.

    I know I mentioned that cities were better than small towns and so on for efficiency. But you should know that to a degree illegal immigrants are also spread out across the USA. In Iowa, a generally rural state, many illegal immigrants were found to be working at a plant that processed chickens. Iowa is a good distance from the US-Mexico border.

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