“We are the World”

What are the consequences of allowing millions of individuals into our country who have absolutely no allegiance to the United States? What are the consequences of people coming that believe at least part the U.S. is really theirs, and they’re just taking it back?

The consequences are war. Civil war.

You hear about it in other countries, but a fattened, content America on the whole, can’t conceive of such a thing happening here. A recent poll found that that the majority of Mexican citizens believe the American Southwest was stolen from them in 1848, and they shouldn’t have to “immigrate” to their own country. The road is basically wide open for them to occupy this area, although they really didn’t live in this area of United States in any great numbers at the time.

Anti-U.S., racist groups are fanning this fallacy of ownership with the ‘Reconquista’, or the re-conquest of the Southwest United States. If you don’t think this is the case, check out any MECHA website. Read “El spiritual plan de Aztlan”. It claims the Southwest as theirs and holds white people responsible for all their problems. The victim approach is a very powerful motivator, evidenced by the massive rallies in support of immigrant rights. (By the way, those recent protests were organized in large part by a virulently anti-American communist group, well known for their organizational protest skills).

Unmitigated immigration is disastrous to any country. That’s why no other country, including Mexico, allows immigration at such a ridiculous level. In the U.S., illegal immigration has actually surpassed legal immigration, a system that is already the most generous on earth.

The civil unrest has already started in Los Angeles. Riots in the schools and jails are now a regular occurrence between Latinos and African-Americans, a battle for the neighborhoods that, for now, they share. When protesters were interviewed during the recent marches, most of students interviewed thought this was a racial issue. They really weren’t aware of the Sesenbrenner bill they were supposedly railing against. That is the message they’re getting, and that, of course will arouse great emotion.

The race card is the gasoline for this spark. The fire has already started in Los Angeles.

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4 Responses to “We are the World”

  1. The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion.ArnoldGlasowArnold Glasow

  2. James Morrison says:

    You are nuts! You are a paranoic schizophrenic.
    Get some help.


  3. rjjrdq says:

    Good analysis. Really makes me think twice about what I actually see. Facts be damned!

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