Keith Olbermann Canned?

Well, maybe not canned, but MSNBC looks like they’ve had enough of the main Obama rooting section, and the ascerbic persona that is Keith Olbermann.
Apparently, Chris Matthews is on the chopping block as well, according to the New York Times.

Sure, most, if not all media outlets are biased to some degree, but Olbermann and Matthews were over the top in their love for Barack Obama, with Matthews making disturbing comments that-I won’t say intimated sexual attraction, but if someone “sends a shiver down my leg”, it’s normally someone of opposite sex for me. A shiver down the spine is a different matter.

Neither of these guys have their finger on the pulse of America anyway, nor do any of the other analysts, or anchors, or whatever title they want to give themselves. There are many blogs that are much more interesting than the television circus. I could go on, but this is all the space these guys get. At least they did get some space here…

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