On the Superhighway, the elites and the Lobotomizing of America

I hear construction is about to start on a ten lane superhighway, stretching from Southern Mexico to Kansas City. Gee, what would they need something like that for?

Back in the 1980’s there was a group called the Christic Institute that essentially unraveled the whole Iran-Contra affair, and was about to literally take down the U.S. Government as we knew it at the time. The case was ready to go to court, but the day before the start, the judge in the case inexplicably decided that the case was frivolous, and fined the Institute a million dollars for bringing such frivolity to court, effectively destroying (financially) the group.

For anyone too young to remember, the Iran-Contra affair was a convoluted drugs for arms triangle involving Nicaragua, Iran, and elements in the United States government. I had wondered what the reasoning was for such machinations, until I heard a speech one night by the head of theChristic Institute, Daniel Sheehan. It was an eloquent speech that made so much sense it was frightening. He spoke, not about Iran-Contra (although there were plenty of talks about that), but about the elites, the lever pullers of this world, and what they really thought about the rest of us. I’ve searched for that talk for years, and if I ever find it, I’ll certainly post it here.

Basically, there is a group of people that feel they were born privileged, and have rights and privileges the rest of us aren’t entitled to. When governments, businesses, and individuals do things that seem absurd and crazy, I remember what I remember from that talk, and it all makes sense.

What is the royalty up to now? Check out the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America . It’s an impossible plan, supposed to be implemented by 2010, according the Council on Foreign Relations. It’s pretty in depth, so I recommend perusing the website, if you can stomach it. They describe it as such a benefit for North America. Benefit for who? You can’t dump a third world country on top of the United States and think you’re going to solve all the problems that go with such a society by 2010! Solve the problems first, bring them up to U.S. standards first, then you can make an argument for a “union”.

Obviously, the American people won’t go for this, and the American unions certainly won’t go for the cheap labor tidal wave that will undercut their members. It going to get very ugly, very soon. Stay tuned.

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