AIG: Bailout of the Buffoons

Well, it looks like the government is going to at least try to bail out AIG. If only we could all have that luxury when we stupidly get in over out heads. Something in the order of $85 billion dollars. If I could have a fraction that…No doubt the financing will come from our friends in the far east-China. Of course the more they own of us, the less they seem like friends.

What ever happened to the good old days when the U.S. just overthrew governments they didn’t like? Was the old Cointelpro program dismantled by the Carter administration? I think it was. Maybe just as well considering who’s in Washington right now.

Mired in Iraq, Iran in our face, borders being overrun, debt up to our eyballs, jobs being outsourced as fast as their created…where does the financial meltdown situation rank in all this? Maybe it’s all related, the grand buffoonery. Nobody could actually want this to happen. So how will the world’s greatest financial minds (wow, hard to type this sentence) extricate us from their this mess?

I have an idea. Why don’t we merge the United States with Canada and Mexico and sell off as much infrastructure as possible so there won’t be a United States? Oh wait, somebody already though of that The continuing destruction of America
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