What This Election Has to Offer

It seems to me that this has been one of the most inane, superfluous elections in recent times. Given what is at stake, you would think the American people would demand a little more from their candidates. Could it be that McCain and Obama are just reflecting America at large?

What are the big issues on the table this election? The economy, gas prices, the war, jobs-all very real things that hit Americans personally. But what do we get from the media? From the campaigns? The bridge to nowhere, Troopergate, lipstick on a pig, and all the other nonsense that help the candidates avoid the real issues. Sure, you hear them gloss over what they’re going to do with the economy, taxes and the like, but after the recent economic meltdown, do you actually think they will be able to implement anything they’re suggesting? Neither do I.

And who is being swayed in this election as reflected by recent poll numbers? Who would actually be swayed by anything the Republicans or Democrats say? Both conventions were swarming with the slimiest lobbyists Washington has to offer. Is that change? No, it’s business as usual, with the elites less and less accountable to the American people. In a way it’s America’s fault. All we need to do is pay attention, and these candidate will jump, and they’ll jump high. We took down a governor here in California, so that is proof that the power is with the people. 99.9% of the time though, we just hand that power over to some charlatan messiah who promises to fix everything, whatever everything means to you.

We don’t even look an the other candidates, like Bob Barr, Ron Paul, even Ralph Nader. Maybe you don’t agree with all their views or postulations, but could they be worse that what’s ready to step in now? What exerience does Obama have? What could he possibly do to make this county what it could be? I’ve seen this clown pander to every group imaginable-except whites. Gee, that’s 70% of the country BO, and ignoring that chunk is just boneheaded. Then again, I think he and Reverend Wright have plans for whitey. And what about McCain? He would die in office. I’m sure of it. That would leave Palin. Are you kidding me?

Leaders are in high demand because so many want to be told what to do and what to think…

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