Race a Factor in the Election?

The recent AP-Yahoo news poll is suggesting that race could be a deciding factor in the presidential election. The poll found that the whites polled harbored at least some negative views towards blacks. The question is, are these views applied to the Harvard-educated Obama?

Probably not. In fact, Senator Obama has a significant number of white supporters, his success in the Iowa caucuses a shining example. Obama wasn’t going to get any Republicans to vote for him anyway, not matter what color he happened to be. That’s nearly half the country. However, he does have almost all the black vote in the country. No need for a poll there. Or is there?

What kind of views do blacks hold towards whites? How many hold the Al Sharpton view, and how many hold the Larry Elder view? Of course, most people are a mixture of those opposing views and polls are easily skewed by the way questions are asked.

McCain has his own bias problems to deal with. He’s an old white man, and there is evidence that this fact causes potential voters to pause. Or does it? The fact is, no Democrats will vote for McCain under normal circumstances, and no Republicans will vote for Obama under any circumstances. The advantage McCain enjoys is that there are disgruntled Hillary supporters that want Obama to lose so she can come back in four years. It has nothing to do with race.

Sure, race probably contributes to voting preferences to some degree in some people, but that won’t be a factor in this election. This is just another “bash whitey” poll, a one-way poll on a two-way street.

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