Heading Towards a Communist America?

Can the argument be made that the time is right for revolution? Has capitalism careened out of control? With the income gap between the richest and poorest in this country growing at an explosive rate, even former Federal Reserved Chairman Alan Greenspan acknowledges the direness of the situation. The income gap between the rich and the rest of the US population has become so wide, and is growing so fast, that it might eventually threaten the stability of democratic capitalism itself Christian Science Monitor. The wholesale outsourcing of American jobs, while providing employment for the poorer nations of the world, would further erode the wages of American workers, as more and more people scramble for the rapidly declining number of decent paying jobs. The bourgeois CEO’s, and the politicians that support them are slicing and dicing the “pie” on a global scale which will eventually level the economic playing field: we will all be at subsistence levels of pay. This is only happening to the vast majority of people who are not part of the bourgeoisie, and with the advent of electronic voting, they (the bourgeoisie) plan on keeping the status quo forever.

An article in the local Daily News talks about the crisis in the mortgage lending industry. Foreclosures are happening at a record rate, due to the abuse of sub-prime loans by predatory lenders, who make their money on the backs of the proletariat. Lawmakers, some of whom accuse the Fed of being lax in its oversight of the mortgage market for many years, have been urging the central bank to strengthen the guidelines (Zeibel, 3). This would never happen where the state had control over the industry. The guidelines would have already been in place, and the greed associated with doling out these types of unaffordable loans would not exist. As it stands now, the Thrasymachus school of justice prevails: justice is the interest of the stronger (Plato, The Republic). There is nothing for the just man, according to him, but that may be dependent upon what kind of system is in place.

In this country, there is a shift towards Marxism, to the delight of some, and to the horror of others. Marx’s theory of dialectical materialism, or the struggle of opposites, to put it in a very basic way, is reaching a critical point. We now see politicians pushing universal healthcare, the Supreme Court advocating eminent domain, and an end to racial preferences, cities mandating “affordable” housing, and calls for energy independence, which would effectively destroy some of the biggest companies on earth. Marx was a bit contradictory in his theory of capitalism eventually imploding, while at the same time advocating bloody revolution. Maybe a little of both will happen. The bourgeois advocates of the proletariats like Barak Obama and-yes, don’t be fooled John McCain (the other side of the same coin) want to regulate the country into universal healthcare, affordable housing, and decent jobs. Of course, de-regulatory action could create it’s own crises that would require the comrades in Washington to step in (use your imagination).

Those at the top, those in power won’t be suffering though. Of course not, when you get to make the rules…For you though, if you’re starving, if you’re kids are starving, you’ll do just about anything for that bowl of soup, wouldn’t you? Comrade?

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