Why McCain Showed Up For The Debate

John McCain allegedly suspended his campaign, so he could go to Washington and hammer out a bailout deal. He was to forgo the debate with Barack Obama. That’s what he was saying all week, but when Friday came, he was at the debate. And here’s why…

In a show of bipartisanship that would turn any stomach, McCain showed up, because if he didn’t, that would potentially allow Libertarian candidate Bob Barr to step in and debate Obama. Neither candidate wanted that, because both would then be exposed for the two sides of the same coin that they are. Obama would have gotten the worst of it-he would be standing there taking it, but both Republicans and Democratic hacks alike would have been cringing.

While Barr is jumping through all sorts of legal hurdles to get himself on the ballot in several states, the Republicans and Democrats are shoo-ins, whether they obey the law or not. Barr’s attempt to have the two major parties removed from the Texas ballot was thwarted (without comment) by the Texas Supreme Court. Both parties had failed to meet the state’s August 26 deadline for certifying their presidential candidates. No problem says the court.

Democracy at it’s finest. I haven’t done squat my whole political life, but elect me president and I’ll get the job done. Luckily for Fric and Frac, most people vote for what they hope is the winning team, not necessarily the best…

The World of RJJRDQ

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