America the Obese

Well, the secret is out: America is one of the fattest countries on earth. Just go to a mall, or a supermarket and observe how many people are not only overweight, but actually obese.

It’s no surprise considering the food choices that are readily available. A burger and fries at just about any place can contain half of the day’s recommended calories or more. Add high calorie snacks that don’t satisfy the appetite, and you have a recipe (no pun intended) for disaster.

Working in an office for the last four years has allowed me to see what a sedentary life can do to a body. Most of the people there have grown over the years (myself included), with the exception of one guy. He was Santa Claus size not that long ago. Many people are very sensitive about their weight, but I used a little tact to try and find out what he did to lose so much weight.
    “Man, you’re lookin’ trim,” I exclaimed. I patted my stomach. “How?” I asked in the most inquisitive, innocent way possible.
    “Special diet, and the doctor put me on some medicine,” he replied. I didn’t know the guy too well, so I didn’t push the medication part. I did know that one of those possible medications could have been Phentermine. It’s an appetite suppressant and I’m sure very effective for people with the specific problem of overeating. A slow metabolism, lack of activity and those kinds of things wouldn’t require an appetite suppressor, but for many, that’s exactly what they need.

Do not confuse this drug with Phen-Fen. That was some kind of drug mixture concoction that obviously had disastrous effects. Phentermine is still on the market, and still being prescribed. It’s normally only prescribed for persons that are significantly overweight, so unfortunately, there should be no problem finding patients…

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