Culinary Delights

There are certain joys in life, as well as necessities, that are common to everyone. One of those joys is eating. Specifically fine dining. My diet is normally relatively bland, but a few weeks ago I was introduced to a real meal.

My friend has a daughter who is attending one of the finer culinary schools in California, and she always brings home a healthy sample of what was created that day. She brought home some lamb (which I never eat), along with some bread that you would never find in a store-and I have to say, if it wasn’t the best meal I ever had, it certainly ranked in the top 5. For someone who has trouble making toast, that lamb was more like an experience than a meal.

How would one get that kind of skill, that kind of creativity to prepare not only a flavorful indulgence, but a visually appealing dish as well? Obviously, there are specialty schools that teach this kind of skill, and fortunately there are places where you can get the information you need. There are many fine culinary art schools to choose from; the key is to find the one that suits you unique talent. There are culinary art schools sites that provide links to the finest culinary institutions around, as well as other information to help convince those special few, those that have the creativity, the skill, the love of the craft to learn how to turn a meal into something more extraordinary.

If you’re pining away in that cubicle, and you have the fire…for the sake of the rest of us, consider the possibility.

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