Education is the Key

These are dubious economic times. With jobs going overseas by the boatload, companies “downsizing,” and the job market getting tighter by the day, what can one do to at least help insulate themselves during this downturn? What can one do that is not only secure and decent paying, but rewarding as well? A career in the medical profession is a time tested hedge against uncertain economic times.

There are other reasons for investigating the possibility of a medical career. It may seem cliché, but the desire to help people identifies a certain kind of person, and for those people, there is a whole world of opportunity. From medical assistant to ultrasound technician, the possibilities are almost endless, with constantly changing technology in the various fields.

Medicine not your bag? That’s okay, I admit it’s tough for me-it really does take a special kind of individual. The key in these times is education. Gone are the days when you could work at a company for 30 years, get the gold watch and retire. You had better know something, have some kind of skill, or you’ll be left behind. If not something like an ultrasound technician, then maybe a career in education, a field just a laudable as medicine in my opinion. Or how about, technology, that seems to be advancing by the minute. Are you creative, do you have business savvy, can you cook? If you have the aptitude, the smartest thing you can do is have that piece of paper that says this person knows what they’re doing.

Education is the key. It will improve your life, raise your self-esteem, and send you well on your way to realizing your full potential.

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