ICE Rounds up WAMU Customers?

Speaking of “bailout,” here in California yesterday, was the biggest round up of criminal illegal aliens ICE has ever pulled off. The question is, how did they know they were criminals?

Sure, the very fact that they were here illegally makes them criminals by default, but the crimes these clowns had committed spanned the gamut: robbery, child molesting, burglary, assault-you name it, and these guys had done time. With that known, why weren’t these creeps deported when they were originally busted?

Well, they may well have been (but I wouldn’t count on it), but the borders are so porous (contrary to government press releases) that it is fairly easy for these types of thugs to come right back. Add the exacerbating circumstances of California being a sanctuary state, and it’s no surprise that ICE was able find that many criminals at one time. I’m surprised that 1000 is all they found.

Why am I blogging about this? Imagine an institution (like Washington Mutual) giving a home loan to some of these guys!

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One Response to ICE Rounds up WAMU Customers?

  1. jwojdylo says:

    I do not even want to think about that, but I am sure it has happened tenfold as some of these mortgage brokers gave loans to anyone with a pulse!

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