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AIG Bailed Out? Not Even Close

The Feds picked our pocket to bail out AIG, a company that used its collective I.Q. to lose billions of dollars, ostensibly threatening the U.S. economy unless it was bailed out. Well, apparently $85 billion wasn’t enough. Don’t close that … Continue reading

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Are The Wealthy Paying Their Fair Share?

There has been much talk about taxes this campaign season, what it will do, who it will affect, what is fair, as well as a controversy over the definition of “rich”. Let’s take a look at a random figure, say … Continue reading

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Obama To Redistribute Wealth (In his own words)

There have been Obama supporters all over WordPress challenging the assertions that the Illinois senator is a socialist. I’ve provided some evidence of this, but now…hear it straight from the man himself.

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Open Borders McCain or No Borders Obama: Choose One

Obama/McCain, McCain/Obama. If you expected to remain a sovereign nation, then those two boobs should never have gotten their respective nominations.

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Candidates In The Pocket Of Wall Street

When the credit markets recently crashed, many politicians were almost hysterical in their zeal to pass a bailout bill. Were they just apoplectic over the possible collapse of the U.S. economy, or was there more to it?

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Election A Sham, Voting Machines *EASILY* Hacked

And for those of you that think one side is trying to outflank the other…

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Colin Powell’s Revenge

The rumors were out there. Colin Powell was going to endorse one of the candidates. But to whom would this Republican lend his support? Surprise? It shouldn’t be.

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McCain Roasts Obama, Brings Down The House

Who knew John McCain had a humorous side? Check out these video(s) from the Alfred E. Smith charity Dinner. I’ve included Obama roasting McCain, but I didn’t think he was nearly as funny. He had his moments though…

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Frank Marshall Davis A Pedophile Pervert?

It’s understandable that in the course of life you may have contact with an unsavory character or two. In many cases guilt by association is unfair. But if you describe one of those characters as a mentor, well that’s different…

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Presidential Debate 3 (Unedited, As It Happened)

Missed the, sign in, passworrrrrrd, dashboard, write-ok, here we go…

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