Dick Morris Skewers Alan Colmes on Fox

I was watching Fox New just now, to get reaction to the debate, and Dick Morris was on, being interviewed by Alan Colmes. He was lavishing praise on Sarah Palin. Colmes didn’t agree.

Colmes’ disagreement with Morris, who lauded Palin to the point of comparing her speaking prowess to Ronald Reagan, drew a negative response from Colmes, who went into the different points where she was wrong in the debate.

Quite surprisingly, Morris became effectively enraged, accusing Colmes of spewing talking points, and asking whether he even had a brain of his own! He got pretty nasty, and it seemed genuine. Maybe they’ll replay it later. It’s worth a watch…

I found it, here it is…entertaining.

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6 Responses to Dick Morris Skewers Alan Colmes on Fox

  1. John says:

    Alan is such a dink.

    Dick, toe sucker that he is, is a realist. He recognized that even though McCain was more substantive and right, Obama proved himself…just enough.

    Biden was an angry man, Palin was in control.

    Mac-Barracuda 2008

  2. rjjrdq says:

    He’s just Sean’s whipping boy. I don’t know why he stays. Must be the money.

  3. bb1 says:

    Alan does this all the time. He is always chanting the party line and its bullets. I’ve been a frustrated viewer because of this for awhile and have considered not watching the show at all. Last night was priceless and I loved what Dick Morris had to say. Colmes”‘constant interrupting with stale points has to go and so should he. He brings down the show on a constant basis.

  4. rjjrdq says:

    I think on that show they initially point to somehthing that needs to be refuted or addressed. Alan is that something. But Dick was pissed for real, wasn’t he?

  5. tigermeg says:

    Those two have gone at each other in the past. For months their animosity was obvious. Someone must have told them to cool it and so they’ve been making nice ever since. Glad to see someone besides Karl Rove take on Colmes though his, “Alan, Alan, you’re embarrassing yourself” isn’t half so full of heat as what Morris had to say.

  6. rjjrdq says:

    I like when people genuinely speak their mind. On tv anyway…

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