Palin, Biden, As It Happened…

Wow,sexy Sarah is holding her own. I’m blogging during the debate to get that first gut reaction.

Everything Joe tries to assert, is called on by Palin. Ifill can’t get Biden a break. I see though, that She lets Palin ramble, but when Biden starts to go off, she cuts him off. Maybe it just seems like they’re rambling. There must be time constraints. It’s subtle, however it doesn’t appear to be helping.

Is she flirting with Joe? She shoots that smile over to him, and I bet Joe is going nuts. Biden seems to running a hell of a campaign-against Bush. Apparently it doesn’t matter to uncommitted Ohio voters on CNN’s meter at the bottom of the screen.

It’s all talking points here. As usual. It was funny seeing Biden squirm when Palin called him on his disagreements with Obama’s positions. Again, didn’t seem to make a difference with those uncommitted voters. Uncommitted. Closing statements. Talking points. I don’t think this changed any minds-however, Palin pulled it off. All those charges that she would bomb, and Biden would tear her apart never materialized.

Palin wins because she not only survived, she held her own. She didn’t need to win on the issues, all though she may have taken that too…

World Of rjjrdq

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