Tainted Chinese Food Not A Campaign Issue

As the two main presidential candidates spin their way across the country, one of the many serious issues that has not been addressed is the safety of food products from China. The latest food scandal involves milks products contaminated with melamine.

At this point it is nearly impossible to avoid potentially contaminated Chinese food products, even for the most discerning label reader. Don’t expect any help from the FDA either. They only inspect about 1% of the agricultural products coming into the country.

China is a growing power, and do not hide the fact that they want to be the world’s superpower. So how do you bring down a country without firing a shot? One meal at a time. Mix in the brain-damaging lead on our children’s toys, and you have a recipe for crippling a nation. Do you know what the candidates positions are on this? Neither do I…

The World Of rjjrdq

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