McCain/Obama Unedited (As It Happened)

No editing, just what came out as it happened. Missed the very beginning…

Belting eachother with talking points. Nothing new here, but a little rougher than the first debate. McCain is attacking more, and initially Obama responded by hiding behind Bush. Now he’s going after McCain more directly. Still not answering questions directly. The best question was when the lady asked why we should trust either one of them. Obama didn’t have an answer. He basically said to choose between the lesser of two evils. Where is Bob Barr now??? Obama yacking about the military budget. $10 billion dollars a month in Iraq. We need that money here. To give it to Fannie Mae maybe? Obama wants to help China with energy. Good idea Barack… Hiding behind Bush again. Obama use of force? Moral issues at stake. Are you going to answer? We are “diminished” when we don’t intervene in genocide. Oh, there’s alot of cruelty in the world. Nope, cant’ be everywhere. Logistical support on the cheap. John? Obama would have brought the troops home in defeat. Do whatever we can to prevent genocide. Tempered? A cool hand at the tiller. We fouled up in Somalia. The Lebanon story again. Ability to provide benefit. A wash. Neither one gave a clear answer. Or did they? What about Pakistani sovereignty to Obama? We made a bad judgement. We got distracted away from Bin Laden. Now they’re raiding Afghanistan, the central front on terrorism. End the war in Iraq and send them to Afghanistan. Change policy to Pakistan. Don’t coddle. Encourage democracy. Non-military aid. If we have Bin Laden in our sights…we will act. McCain? Teddy Roosevelt? Obama talks loudly. Attack Afghanistan? Wow…If you announce you will attack-it will turn public opinion against you. We drove out the Russians and then washed our hands-a mistake. We “need” to help the Pakistani people-not threatening to attack. Oh, follow-up with Obama. More wrangling with Brokaw. Obama: very clear: nobody called for invasion of Pakistan. What he said was…McCain suggests I’m “green”. Musharraf was a dictator. Kind of policies that undermine war on terror. More wrangling with Brokaw. Rebuttal by McCain. He “understands”. Joke about bombing Iran. It was a joke? He’ll get Bin Laden. He won’t telegraph his punches as Obama has. Fundamental differences. Yeah, Brokaw chose these questions. Obama: Make Iraqi govt. take more responsibility. Responsible withdraw from Iraq. Work with Karzai. Very clear: you’ll have to do better by your people. Yeah, I’m sure that’s what he said. McCain rebuts. Back to working with Pakistan. Obama still won’t admit he was wrong about the surge. Faith in Gen. Petrayus. McCain: Not another cold war with Russia. Questions their behavior. Dogs Putin “KGB”. Aggressive in Georgia. Ukraine in Putin’s sights. We have to make the Ruskies “understand”. Pressure. What does that mean? Obama: Well……….central issue (Russia)-agrees with McCain for the most part. Of course he’ll do a little more. See around the corners-anticipate. Summing up his understanding of the Georgia situation. We have been reactive. Not a word about Putin. Off on an Afghan tangent. Back to Russia. Reduce our entegy independence. That’ll weaken Russia. Tom asks are they evil? Obama says they’ve done evil things. McCain won’t give a definitive answer. Does he need to? He thinks we can deal with them. Moving along section A. Support for Israel? Will you commit troops to defend Israel. Wait for security council. Hell no, say McCain. Going after Iran. If you were Israel? A stinking corpse? Obama will sit down (slap) no pre-conditions. End of the day……never allow a 2nd holocaust. Obama: we cannot allow Iran to get nukes. bla bla bla. Do everything that’s required. Like what? Use all the tools at our disposal to avoid being in that position. Sanctions. More energy independence. That’ll get em. What? Iran’s cost-benefit analysis. A tough message? Dire consequences? Like what? Oh, they can rejoin the community of nations if they’re good. I feel safer already. Off to North Korea he goes. Last question. What don’t you know, and how will you learn it. Obama: he’ll ask Michelle. Never the challenges you expect, it’s the ones you don’t that takes your time. Raised as poor, underprivilidged, bla bla-oh the best schools on earth! Off on a tangent. What was the original question? Oh yeah what don’t you know? It looks like he doesn’t know how to answer a simple question. McCain: He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know I guess. Dark times, tough times. Steady hand at that old tiller. Oh good, its over. No minds changed there.

The World Of rjjrdq

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2 Responses to McCain/Obama Unedited (As It Happened)

  1. Wes Upchurch says:

    Wow…. so this is how the human mind works?

  2. rjjrdq says:

    That is unprocessed, in the moment…

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