Make Yourself Relevant

With 159,000 jobs lost in Sepetember alone, that should cause concern for anyone. What this means for Mr. and Mrs. Main Street is that there are more workers for a smaller pool of jobs. So how do you keep yourself relevant? Knowledge is power.

I remember my grandfather telling me about the kinds of jobs he used to have, everything from setting up banquet halls for Al Capone to fixing up old houses and reselling them (yes, there was flipping even in the old days). A strong back and a little motivation could allow you to support your family and have a decent life.

Well, I won’t say those days are gone, but if you want to compete in todays world, you need to bring a little more to the table. Even as the economy recesses, technical knowledge is exploding. It almost goes without saying that if you want to stay relevant, you must be educated, or continue your education at colleges, universities, or technical schools. The latter may provide you with critical skills in business information systems, the various aspects of computer science, web/internet skills, and even fields where there are actually shortages of workers, like medicine.

Whatever your situation is, if you’re just praying that you can survive this downturn and not be laid off, you may as well go to Vegas and roll some dice. Or, you can increase the odds that you will not only survive, you’ll actually thrive. Sitting back and hoping for the best=”‘Risky strategy”…

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