Recession Proof?

I am a strong advocate of education, even going back to school myself in order to become master of the universe. Well, some professions can survive tough economic times, and some things…

The plan to rule my microscopic piece of the universe with that finance degree is on hold now-for obvious reasons, which made me think of what kinds of professions could withstand an economic downturn? Medicine? Sure, people get sick no matter what. Food? People have to eat. Transportation? Yes, people can take public transportation, but take a place like say, Los Angeles. For some, public transportation is an option, but for the majority of Angelenos, it’s out of the question.

Well, cars break down and need normal maintenance. In the old days, you would take it the local grease monkey in the neighborhood. There are still some of those shops around, but cars are clearly much more advanced machines than they used to be. You can check out any number of automotive schools and see that the modern day mechanic needs more than a wrench and a can of oil to get the job done. Today’s mechanic needs math and somethimes physics skills, as well as computer knowledge. These are not you fathers mechanics. And that’s the kind of education I’m talking about.

No matter what the economy looks like, people need to have their transportation. I can tell you, my mechanic is making a pretty good stream of income from me. I have to have that car…

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One Response to Recession Proof?

  1. Mick says:

    The value of a good education will take you through this.

    McCain will be coached and ready next week at the debate.

    Obama is about to sink like the stock of the New York Times.

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