Is McCain Trying To Lose?

As the presidential election draws near, McCain rallies are becoming more raucous, and the rhetoric more heated. Out of the thousands who have attended these rallies, there have been a few that have made comments that the media has pounced on. The McCain/Palin duo is being accused of inciting hatred and even racism.

John Lewis Rep. (D-Ga.) is even comparing John McCain to George Wallace. McCain isn’t responsible for what a few in crowd blurt out at those rallies. Obama supporters would like McCain to just shut up. Of course. Bill Ayers and ACORN aren’t the kinds of relationships Obama wants to be associated with this close to the election.

Those are legitimate concerns, and John McCain has every right to question Obama’s ties. But the media backlash has McCain backtracking. He’s actually out there defending Obama, calling him a decent guy! That’s fine, but when you’re fighting for the White House, the last thing you should be doing is lauding the virtues of your opponent. Sure, he can condemn the wild statements from the crowd, but to lecture a potential voter on what a great guy Obama is, somehow seems like a poor campaign strategy. Of course, McCain has run a poor campaign, and that may not be his fault.

For the life of me, I don’t know how McCain got the nomination. From a campaign that was on life support he manged to take down better candidates. Romney or Huckabee would have been much better candidates. He inspires no enthusiasm what so ever from the Republican base, and as a matter of fact, is not popular with many in the Republican base. He somehow beat out much more palatable candidates, and as a result, the Republicans are paying the price.

Well, assuming Diebold doesn’t decide the election, The Republicans really deserve to lose. That’s a shame because there really are questions about Obama that need to be addressed…

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