Obama Trying To Stifle Citizenship Questions?

How difficult could it be come up with a birth certificate? I’ve had to produce it several times for jobs much lower on the food chain than President of the United States. Barack Obama is not only balking at producing evidence of his U.S. citizenship (as John McCain forthrightly did), but he is actively attempting to block any action that would force the issue.

In a lawsuit brought by Philip J. Berg, a Philadelphia attorney and lifelong Democrat, the Obama camp (jointly with the DNC) has filed a Motion for Protective Order, in order to block discovery by the plaintiff (Berg), until a judge can rule on Obama’s attempt to have the case dismissed. Berg has made a compelling case though, and it appears as though the Obama camp is worried-about something…

Now why would Obama refuse to produce a simple birth certificate and them go to court to make sure no one could force him to? Obama could quell the viral rumors with one simple act: Produce a birth certificate.

FactCheck.org has produced what they say is Obama’s Honolulu birth certificate. This organization is primarily funded by the Annenberg Foundation. Obama and Bill Ayers served as co-chairs for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. You be the judge as far as objectivity. Let’s just assume that FactCheck.org is objective. I’m not questioning that here. What I am questioning is, if FactChect.org ‘produced a birth certificate’, why the Motion to Block Discovery? If the birth certificate is there in black and white (easy now), what is the issue?

FactCheck.org produced an electronic copy of the/a document, not the actual piece of paper. That won’t suffice in court, and it certainly won’t suffice with millions of Americans that want a straight answer. If Diebold decides Obama wins this election, and it turns out he is not an American citizen, an entrenced Obama administration (with the backing of the DNC) could throw this country into a chaos not seen since…1776.

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6 Responses to Obama Trying To Stifle Citizenship Questions?

  1. vicki456 says:

    You know, people like you are the reason we are reviled and ridiculed abroad. You believe everything you hear and read and look for the propaganda that supports your emotions concerning this election. You would be better off just admitting you are a racist. I spoke to someone who worked in Obama’s campaign for the Illinois senate and her answer was this: “Yes, I know about this ridiculous rumor. Ask this person if they are calling everyone in Congress an idiot. Do you think he didn’t have to prove his citizenship before becoming Senator of Illinois?” And ask yourself: Why is it that no governmental organization has stepped forward to claim or disclaim this ridiculous attack? Do you really think that every member of Congress, Republican and Democratic, overlooked something that you, in your brilliant insight, discovered? By the way, I went to the Annenberg site. Exactly what is it that we’re supposed to see regarding Obama’s “fake” birth certificate? If it isn’t to point out the authenticity or your claim, which the Annenberg site did NOT do, then why mention this at all? Are you appealing to liberals perhaps? You must think that everyone in the nation has a two-digit IQ. You followed up by saying that you didn’t doubt the Annenberg finding – you only questioned why Obama wouldn’t provide the birth certificate lickity split, since, after all, John McCain did. Hmmmm. Could it be that Obama won’t submit to harassment? Could it be that McCain was straining at the bit to produce his birth certificate because HIS people came up with the idea to challenge Obama’s citizenship? Could it be that the Republicans targeted this claim to their own uneducated party members in the hopes of whipping them into a frenzy over the claim that Obama is “Un American”?

    Perhaps the reason that Obama’s campaign has responded the way they did is that Obama ALREADY produced an official copy of his birth certificate when he became senator of Illinois YEARS AGO. Do you think that a job of this importance would simply ask him to produce his driver’s license? To submit to the kind of harassement, generated by urban-legend agitators, just slows down his campaign and is designed to foment anger and confusion concerning his allegiance to this country. Surely even YOU can see this.

    No, sorry. The fact that he won’t submit to harassment just proves that he is the leader so many believe him to be. Just think…if he’s unwilling to submit to the “terrorists” at home, he won’t submit to them abroad. You’re just going to have to work harder or use Osama Bin Laden as your mentor if you want to design a strategy to manipulate people to an effective conclusion.

  2. rjjrdq says:

    I’m glad your source from Obama’s campaign cleared everything up for you…

  3. vicki456 says:

    Well, me too…and I’m glad the McCain campaign mislead you. We’re counting on people just like you to hand us this election.

  4. rjjrdq says:

    Hand what? Bob Barr wasn’t going to win anyway…

  5. ginalacava says:

    I think that what Vicki is trying to say is that these false attacks against Obama have been proven false so many times that the American People have now learned that McCain and his surrogates have been misleading the American People. Because of that, McCain is now viewed as a loosing candidate willing to say anything, true or false, to win. To many Americans have now lost their trust in McCain. So, yes, those McCain supporters who took this misinformation and spread it around, just made McCain appear as dishonest.

    So, thank you for falling into McCain’s trap. It worked out very well for those of us who want to unify and strengthen our nation.

  6. rjjrdq says:

    The man that brought the suit to get Obama to produce a birth certificate was no McCain supporter. He is an avid Hillary supporter. Don’t know if that has anything to do with anything. In addition, my vote goes to Bob Barr, so I don’t know anything about a McCain trap…

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