Presidential Debate 3 (Unedited, As It Happened)

Missed the, sign in, passworrrrrrd, dashboard, write-ok, here we go…
McCain brings up Bill Ayers and ACORN. Obama just smirks. He blows it off. He had nothing to do with ACORN-he kind of downplayed what ACORN is actually doing. McCain calls it one the greatest crimes…Obama smirks. Very presidential. The both pretty much agree on energy. Yeah, we gotta’ do this and that. Glad you’re on board. More comparing with Bush. Free trade with Colombia. McCain says good. Obama says, they’re crooked and violent. Back to energy. Obama says auto makers getting hammered. No shit? Fuel efficient cares. Detroit dragged their feet. Get it right. 5 million new jobs. “Re-tool” some of these plants. Wow, sounds great! McCain back to Colombia. Now he’s on Hugo Chavez. McCain say Obama will sit across the table from ol’ Hugo. Obama & taxes? Like Herbert Hoover. Ouch. Bob changes the subject. Just like that. Now to healthcare. Heartbreaker says Obama. Sob story from Obama. Going over the same talking points from the last debate. Cut the premiums. Options for the uninsured. High quality, lower cost. No discrimination for pre-existing conditions. Good luck. Were gonna, were gonna…Ooh, gonna cost money on the “front end”. McCain: yup, it’s painful all right. He we need to do alot of things! Really John? Obesity, fitness programs, reward employers for providing gym memberships. Ok, ok, I’ll buy that. Back to Joe the plumber. Obama wants healtcare beauracracy? John says so. “No its not” says Obama. BO says Joe pays no “fine”. Joe will be exempt. Cos. that can afford it…who decides that? Tax credit for healthcare? Obama says it will cause employers to stop providing. Taxing healthcare benefits. BO doing the math. Back to Joe the plumber. Congrats, Joe, you’re rich! McCain touts his plan. Heard it last debate. Wasn’t impressed then…$5000 and go. Sure, that’ll work. Obama want government to do the job, McCain wants Joe to do the job. Blah, blah, Bob cuts him off. BO responds. Didn’t you just say what you’re saying Obama? Pre-prepared. Next question: Roe V Wade? Supreme court nominee. McCain never imposed a litmus test on his nominees. McCain is a Federalist. Focus on qualifications. A congress vote story. McCain will look for the best…Bob presses him on a nominees abortion stance. McCain would still consider. Obama says the most important thing is to provide justice and….Roe v Wade hangs in the balance. Abortion is difficult and moral…ultimately, women and doctors should decide. Right to privacy. He’s you there Johnny…Lilly Ledbetter story. Equal pay. She sued. Judges threw it out. blah, blah-timeup! Mac-we have to change the culture. Obama voted against a bill to provided healthcare to failed abortions. That’s bad BO, that’s bad. That’s his record. Response: sounds incredible. Not true says Obama. Says a law req. healthcare to failed abortions was already on the books. John???? Jockeying on abortioins. Where’s does CNN find those meter people? They luuuuuvvvv Obama…John will improve adoption. How will…oh on to something else. Bob goes to education: US spends a ton on education, but we suck! What’s up? National security threat? Obama? He agrees. We gotta get it right. Money or reform? He wants both. Invest. the “I” word. I think…recruit an army of new teachers. Higher standards, affordable college, huge debt. $4000 tuition credit in exchange for community service. Parents. More responsibility. Off with the tv…McCain: civil rights issue? What??? Choice and competition. Already been proven in New Orleans an New York. What??? Bad teachers a new line of work. Charter schools providing competition. Throwing money at the problem is not the answers. Programs. McCain is a poor speaker…We need to-student loans, we need this and that. Good John. Obama says the feds need to step up and help. George Bush U.? Funding. Early childhood ed., higher teacher salaries. Sounds expensive BO. What was that original question? Oh Yeah, we already throw in a ton of money. Obama says, “how about a little more”. Obama swipes at something Macs advisor said. McCain tells a voucher story. Choice. Pick up a freakin’ book!!! Reform? Out of bound by the Dems. back to special needs. “Senator McCain is absolutely right” how many times have I heard that from Obama? Disagrees with vouchers. Closing statements. McCains talking points. Stumbling. Poor speaker. Eh, so am I…Obama: the last 8 years…McCain/Bush, Bush/McCain. Centerpiece of Obama’s campaign. Very effective though…We have to come together comrades…That’s it…Yawn. An ACORN moment, but Obama blew it off and McCain let him..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My paragraphs aren’t as cool as yours!!! Thanks for posting and thanks for stopping by!

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