Colin Powell’s Revenge

The rumors were out there. Colin Powell was going to endorse one of the candidates. But to whom would this Republican lend his support? Surprise? It shouldn’t be.

Powell was on Meet The Press this morning and officially endorsed Barack Obama. The Republican who had served as Secretary of State for George Bush, National Security Advisor to Ronald Reagan, and later Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, would seem to be a lock to support John McCain. But Powell’s rise to fame suffered a setback, one that may have damaged his political career permanently-as a Republican.

The Bush administration, anxious to sell their case for war with Iraq, trotted out Powell, a trusted and popular figure to the United Nations, with a case laid out that will live in infamy. Who doesn’t remember Powell pulling out the vial of Anthrax on the UN floor? Powell was convincing, he was unwavering, he was absolutely certain those weapons of mass destruction were in Iraq. Well, Powell completed his assignment, and the rest is history.

Powell eventually resigned from his position, a damaged politician forever linked to the buffoonery of the Bush administration. Or was he?

Along comes Barack Obama, a voice of change, oh, and did I mention? He’s black. There have been those that already say race was a factor in his decision. I’ve never seen that from him. I don’t think it was a factor. Powell was always a more moderate Republican, and when Obama came along, it was apparently change he could believe in. Powell said earlier today that he wouldn’t rule out something in the Obama administration. A possible bone being thrown to Powell. He could have run this year, and quite likely gotten the nomination, only to lose to Obama or Clinton. He’s tied to the Bush administration. For him personally, he cant’ lose. If Obama wins, Powell is back in the game politically, if he loses-he’s right where he is now.

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2 Responses to Colin Powell’s Revenge

  1. citizen ojo says:

    Interesting I never thought about Gen. Powells decision like that. Good Read….

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