Election A Sham, Voting Machines *EASILY* Hacked

And for those of you that think one side is trying to outflank the other…

Obama and McCain, kumbaya. You think they’re running against each other? United we stand, divided we fall…Democrats, Republicans…What do you know, we’re divided. They aren’t. See Continuity of Government and Martial Law. Bring your Pepto Bismol.

Check out the Lou Dobbs report, and below that a more in-depth demonstration by the Princeton

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4 Responses to Election A Sham, Voting Machines *EASILY* Hacked

  1. sospokesaroj says:

    Scary! I’d like to think that our society isn’t teeming with hackers though…wishful thinking perhaps.

  2. rjjrdq says:

    They’re out there. Just ask Bill Gates. Microsoft doesn’t have a site dedicated to patching Windows for nothing…

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