Open Borders McCain or No Borders Obama: Choose One

Obama/McCain, McCain/Obama. If you expected to remain a sovereign nation, then those two boobs should never have gotten their respective nominations.

Hazelton, Pa. passed a tough ordinance to combat the influx of illegal aliens in their town. The city council, by a 4-1 vote, approved the ordinance, which would punish employers who hire illegals, and landlords who rent to them.

The courts have at least temporarily blocked the ordinance, amid withering opposition exclusively from Latino groups who promote the defying of American law and have a separatist agenda. In fact, in a town hall debate, a representative of a group called Hazleton Latino Task Force flat out said, We will never convert ourselves into Anglos.

You don’t need to be Anglo, just American if you want to live here (notice how blacks are conspicuously left out of the discussion. More on that in another blog). Inflammatory comments like the one above, the advocating of such backward nonsense like an all Hispanic baseball league, rising crime, deteriorating neighborhoods, a refusal to even attempt to learn English by fast arriving immigrants has finally created the conditions in Hazelton the led to this ordinance. Something significant triggered this action, something you never hear from the race card playing “Latino advocacy groups”.

I’ve stated before that I don’t blame the rank-and-file immigrant that really is here to have a better life. I don’t blame them for not wanting to leave their culture behind (I don’t like it, but I understand). Who I do blame is the corrupt governments of the countries these immigrants escaped from for doing nothing productive for their people. I blame the criminals interspersed throughout the community who give all immigrants a bad name. I blame the taggers and those who think the sidewalk is a trashcan who have no respect for neighborhoods who, for many of the residents, may have lived there since childhood. And I blame the hateful, vituperative Latino groups who are using the red herring of race to slam the good people of Hazelton who are literally trying to preserve what made the town such a desirable place to live in the first place.

If the nightmarish plan of a North American Union comes to fruition, you can expect to see more of these brazen separatist groups (which many immigrants have never even heard of) continue to speak for all illegals (the Latino illegals that is), stake their claim to a land they think belongs to them. Ah, ah, don’t go there. If you aren’t Indian then…Should we send black people back to Africa too?

This is 2008, and this is the United States, being subverted form within and from the outside. The solution to the “immigration” issue is not to lie down and allow unlimited numbers of people who have no allegiance, or in the above case, no affinity for the United States to just have their way with our country. The peoples of all nations obviously vastly outnumber the ones who are making decisions for the rest of us. Maybe if enough people wake up, we can have an honest discussion on the issue. An honest discussion. We’d be halfway home.

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