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110,000 Petition For Obama’s Birth Certificate?

Let’s pretend Diebold and Acorn had nothing to do with the election numbers. In that case, 48% did not vote for Obama. Read, sign, if you’re so inclined… 110,000 Petition for Obama’s Birth Certificate By nightwatch7 Advertisements

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The Ugly American(s)

Thanksgiving is a day of appreciating the bounty in one’s life. Sure, there are those that will argue history with you, but the feast of today is to acknowledge the current wealth we now have as a country, and to … Continue reading

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Martial Law = No Obama?

With yet another bailout the American public were against, the U.S. government continues to run up the taxpayer tab on questionable bailouts to companies that have shown either a callous disregard, or bumbling ineptitude in business affairs. So far the … Continue reading

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Bush Pardons Assorted Scum, Leaves Border Agents Incarcerated

Once again, George Bush is showing what a piece of garbage he truly is. While handing out pardons to bottom-of-the-barrel slime, two heroic Border Patrol agents, who put their lives on the line in defense of our borders, continue to … Continue reading

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Obama Turns To Yet Another Fannie Mae Crook

As if Rahm Emanuel’s culpability in the Freddie Mac meltdown wasn’t enough, president elect Barack Obama is spreading the love by having a former Fannie Mae lobbying capo as one of his top transition team members. Corruption we can believe … Continue reading

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Your Money At Work: AIG Execs Line Their Pockets

As bailout mania continues to take on a life of its own and morph into something completely unmanageable, AIG continues to sock it to the American public with yet another dubious business decision.

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China Hacking American Computers, Government Doing Nothing

As if poisoned food, lead covered toys, discombobulating tires for your car (and the list goes on), were not enough, add this to the list of things that China is battering the U.S. with: cyber warfare.

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California To Purge Illegal Alien Enrollment? Don’t Count On It

A recent California Court of Appeals ruling found that California’s policy of offering in-state tuition to illegal aliens was unconstitutional-against the law. Will the ruling make room for American citizens previously denied enrollment? We’re talking California…

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Border Patrol Agents Continue To Rot In Prison

With a mere swipe of his pen, George Bush could free two heroic sentinels who laid their lives on the line patrolling the U.S. border, stopping every kind of terrorist, drug/human smuggler, and Mexican military incursion that came their way. … Continue reading

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Obama To Push A Gay Pedophilia Agenda?

The link speaks for itself. Take it any way you want…

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