Aunt Flouts U.S. Law, Obama Plays Clueless Card

So who did Barack Obama throw under the bus-I mean the plane this week? Anybody who got in his way…

It seems as though the media outlets that cruised with Obama on his campaign jet made the egregious error of endorsing John McCain for president and incurred the wrath of the Obama campaign. As a result, reporters working for theDallas Morning News, the Washington Times and the New York Post were all told that their seats would be taken by others. I guess BHO needed some change he could believe in.

Now the latest episode (as only BHO can do it), involves his loving aunty that he described in his memoir Dreams From My Father turns out to be an illegal alien living in some Boston slum. Obama claims to have no idea what happened to her. He didn’t know. She knew about him. Donations to his campaign added up to $260. Not bad coming from an illegal alien on public assistance. You would think that Tony Rezko could have set her up in something more decent than what she has. Well, Barack’s brother is living in some cave in Kenya, so I guess aunty is doing better that she could be. Well, what do you do with an illegal alien that defied a deportation order? You call George Bush of course. He loves illegals. He’ll even throw border patrol agents in prison for trying to secure the border. He came to aunty’s rescue. It will be much harder to expel anyone from this country-at least until after the election. You now need to go pretty high up the food chain to get anyone deported. Good old George, to him “nobody’s illegal”, not even him…

Surprised that Barack left his aunt hanging? Why? He threw his own grandmother under the bus, calling her a racist. Yeah, the woman who raised him. Harvard man running for president. What a shitty job grandma did. How will BHO ever recover? His brother-what’s up with that? The news outlets-it’s obvious what’s up there.

Family littered across the globe, hanging with Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalidi, Jeremiah Wright, Father Fleger, Louis Farrakhan, ACORN, wanting to spread Joe the plumber’s wealth (but apparently not his own), ran for office as a socialist, was mentored by a pedophile, and oh, did I mention he’s black? He did.

Yes indeed, change we can believe in…

The World Of rjjrdq

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4 Responses to Aunt Flouts U.S. Law, Obama Plays Clueless Card

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  3. zandi says:

    The fact of the matter is that non of the Democ..RATS supporters seem to care. It is so bewildering that all of the above you mentioned has no effect on their judgement. They seem to be so entranced (epiphanied) with this man that they forgo everything else including their identity,common sense, conscience and judgements..Go figure

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