Obama Landslide, Race Issue Laid To Rest

It started in Iowa, certainly one the whitest states in the union. From there, a perpetual smackdown of the race card playing goons culminated in Barack Obama becoming the 44th President of the United States.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Diebold voting machines and ACORN had a hand in getting him elected, but that said, he most likely would have beaten John McCain anyway, a man who mysteriously gained the Repulican nomination given that he was so unpopular, even among his base. Never mind his socialist campaign promises, or that he may not even be qualified to be president. The fact is, that Barack Obama is the first black President of the United States. I reserve using the term African-American until further proof is submitted.

Be that as it may, we will now have Obama in the White House (at least for now), and all the Al Sharptons, and the Louis Farrakhan’s, the Jeremiah Wright’s, the Michelle “America is just mean” Obama’s that built their careers on playing the race card are now in danger of retirement. It will be interesting to see how the rhetoric changes now. No longer can they say that their is a ceiling. Obama has the top job in the world. No longer can they say a black man can never be elected because he’s black. No longer can they say there isn’t equal opportunity. Obama shattered all that, and he showed us how it was done. He showed intelligence, determination, and the key, he took advantage of an opportunity. I remember years ago when I entered community college, I just walked in the door. Just walk in the door. See what happens.

Now I disagree with virtually everything Obama stands for, from redistribution, to taxes, to immigration, to the horrible bailout bill. But as far as race, America has turned to the George Steinbrenner philosophy: He doesn’t care who the hell you are. Are you any good? Then you’re on the team. Are you any good. We’ll see…

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2 Responses to Obama Landslide, Race Issue Laid To Rest

  1. sethandray says:

    This is a really interesting site. I love how you take strong decisions and give your true feelings on them. But I can’t help but disagree with some of your views on this particular issue.

    The Race issue isn’t as dead as you would like it to be. I think we are just scratching the surface when it comes to healing race relations in this country. In particular, blacks and whites are starting to get to know each other more than at any point in history. There is definitely more acceptance of each other. But that’s just the beginning.

    I refuse to lay down and not remind everyone that the policies of the last 389 years have been created with the intent of keeping black people oppressed in this society. That’s a fact that everyone needs to accept. We’ll never be able to fix the problems until we understand what our collective problems our.

    Do you understand the challenges that face the black community because of racist and discriminatory policies that were administered by state and federal government? If you did. then you would see that the effects of racism still linger on in society today. This can’t be ignored and solutions need to manifest themselves if racism is ever going to die.

    And because Obama won the Presidency, do you think that Latino and Asian Americans feel that their racial issues are resolved? Something tells me they’re not and there’s much more healing that needs to take place. Even so, Obama will govern from the middle and enact policies that give all American’s a decent chance at fulfilling the American Dream.



  2. rjjrdq says:

    I choose to move on. I never burned a cross, I never owned a slave, I never did anything to deny anybody based on skin color. Yes, there will always be the David Dukes and the Louis Farrakhans of the world trying to keep the hate alive, but this election has shown that America has come a long, long way. And I will never apologize for being white. Most white-most people period are decent people. If you’re referring to the discriminatory elites, well, they would shit on me just as fast. That’s a class thing.

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