Obama Stumbles With Economic Advisor Pick

Barack Obama made his first major gaff, months before he is to sworn in as President of the United States. Obama has surrounded himself with a satellite of economic advisors, including none other than the current Los Angeles mayor, Antonio “Tony Villa” Villaraigosa. If economic advice from him is what Obama is looking for, God help us.

Villaraigosa has raised taxes and fees as high as he currently can, and he’s looking for more. Illegal alien gangs roam the streets in the gang capital of the country, a title even the City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo acknowledges. The man spends upwards of $200,000 a year on junkets to lobby for out-of-state campaign contributions, and other, more murky activities. This is a man that was slobbering over young girls while his cancer stricken wife sat home with the kids. After months of lying, he finally had to admit it-again. Yes, she’s finally divorcing him. Villaraigosa himself characterizes Los Angeles as a city of marble and plastic. The haves and the have-nots. And if you do have anything, he’s coming for you. $4 an hour parking, doubling of parking violations, threats of cutting emergency services unless tax increases are agreed to are all par for the course for Villa. I call him Villa, because Tony Villa is his real name, but that name has a criminal gang history attached to it, so he changed his name to Villaraigosa.

This man was part of a group that currently operates on every college campus in California, and other colleges across the country that advocate the ‘reconquista’, or re-conquest of the United States, that they contend was stolen from Mexico in 1848.

Racist, lech, political whore, taxer, gangster, defender of those who break our laws. That is one of Obama’s picks, a pick that is in his tight circle. God help us…

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