Rahm Emanuel Fueled Mortgage Crisis?

Barack Obama’s pick for Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, has a tough guy reputation, a guy who gets things done. He may have gotten more done than we would have liked.

While Democrats angrily dismissed mismanagment at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Rahm Emanuel had finished up a thirteen month stint with Freddie, later to be justly accused of financial malfeasance by the SEC. A spokesman for Emanuel denies any wrong doing by the future Chief of Staff.

The Democrats didn’t just sit by while Rome burned, they actively defended the arsonist, and Rahm Emanuel sat at the top of the garbage heap with Franklin Raines. So far, Obama has chosen two Washington insiders, Joe Biden and Emanuel to be closest to him. He also has made a curious choice for one of his economic advisors by choosing a bumbling economic racist goon in Antonio Villaraigosa. Lucky for Obama none of his followers really cares what he does, as long as he distances himself from George Bush as much as possible. Obama should personally thank Bush for getting him elected. He may have.

Rumor has it that the Council on Foreign Relations wants Obama as a member. Hmmm, daddy Bush is a member already. Change we can believe in?

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