It’s All A Game

This blog is normally focused on politics, but you can’t immerse yourself in that 24 hours a day or you will go out of your mind. There are other things in life. This blog contains the good, the bad, and the absolutely absurd. Here’s something good.

Back in the old Sega days in the early ‘90’s, we would get wrapped up for hours in hockey, golf, boxing, football-anything we could vicariously get our hands on. But as controllers and consoles wore out, I, at least, moved away from gaming and on to other things.

I had seen the rows of games for sale in different places, but normally just passed them by, until one day when I saw a kid playing Guitar Hero. Yeah, Let there be rock. What an eye opener. Games have changed since the old days. The interactiveness, the graphics-the evolution is astounding. The platforms have come ahead light years as well.

I remember the old hand-held pong games, but those days are long gone. You want hand-held? Check out the Nintendo DS. This thing has touch screen technology, dual screens, it’s wi-fi capable (for connecting with other players), and even has network capability, allowing you to connect with up to 16 other gamers. Are you kidding me? My mind was still in the wires out of the back of the T.V. mode. The selection of Nintendo DS games is impressive as well.

That was just the warm up though.

There is a platform that is basically, a computer. It’s called Nintendo Wii. That’s what the kid was using to play Guitar Hero. The features of the Wii are too numerous to mention here, but you can play games, get online, and interact in a way that causes me to recall the old days a little sheepishly.

Not everybody wants to play something like guitar hero though, but there is a game (if you can call it that), everyone can get into. It’s called Wii Fit. Do you want to snowboard? Yes, you can. Tight rope walking, yoga, balance games-all kinds of activities. It would do you bloggers some good to get off your can now and then. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’…

Of course, like anything, it would be wise to do some price comparison. It’s not necessary to go broke checking this stuff out. There are good things out there. These are just a few of them…

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