Feds Steal Trillions From America

You thought $700 billion was all you were being socked with? You were wrong…

Using programs that circumvent the bailout packgage parameters, the Federal Reserve has lent nearly $2 trillion dollars to various entities, and Hank “Hand your ass to you” Paulsen and Ben “Baseball bat to the knees” Bernanke are refusing to say who got the money, or what kind of collateral is being accepted for your money. Financial news outlet Bloomberg has filed a lawsuit in hopes of forcing some transparency in these transactions. Good luck.

There were many who derided the bailout as the greatest transfer of wealth in history. Apparently, that was just the tip of the iceberg. The trillions of dollars that came straight out of you hide are already lent. What are the odds we ever see it again? Do your own analysis.

Who said crime doesn’t pay?

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2 Responses to Feds Steal Trillions From America

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  2. danielstrong says:

    And lawmakers who know about it are hesitant to say anything because of the effect it might have on the unsteady markets.

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