Have A Free Blog, Or Host Your Own?

Using WordPress, or any other blogging platform is convenient and allows you to get your material out into the blogosphere. But there are limitations…

The whole idea of a blog is to be able to get your ideas out to where people can see them. Unfortunately, if you have a free blog, or any kind of site that is hosted for free, there are certain rules, or terms of service of which you would need to agree. This may be fine for some, what if you have ideas for your site that conflict with those terms? What about ads? If you have WordPress, there won’t be any on the free site. However, if you decide to host your own, you can take that same software and do what you will-literally. Now, even the best web hosting will have its own rules and regulations, but they are generally much more lenient than anything you will find with the free hosts. That would make sense, since you are paying for the service. Those rules generally just frown upon illegal activity though.

If you don’t know where to start, you can Google hosting services and be hit with a plethora of choices, or you can go to where the work has been done for you. A site like alreadyhosting.com has taken the top 10 hosting services, reviewed and broken them down so you can see what works for you and what might not, such as price, space, content, etc. I’m shopping a few myself. Why? Picture this: When you publish a post, did it come from your blog/this/that/theotherthing, or did it come from this is mine.com? I think it’s clear what would get more attention. The free places are a great springboard, but once you get rollling, it needs to be all about you. At least in this corner of the universe…

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