Saudis Sponsor U.N. "Religious Tolerance" Conference, Bush Attends

Apparently, George Bush no longer cares (or never did care) what the world thinks of him. That’s a good thing, because he’s made an ass of himself one more time.

During a two-day interfaith conference sponsored by the U.N., George Bush chose to not only attend, but to speak at a conference sponsored by one of the most intolerant monarchs on the planet: King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Here’s a country that places severe restrictions on any religion other than Islam, and imposes even more restrictions on women, in accordance with the Wahabi wing of Islam.

Bush chose to speak about the “common values” we could find with religion, although for the Wahabist Saudi, the only common ground is Islam. What did you expect Bush to say? His family goes back a long way with the Saudi royal family.

Yeah, love and peace through religion…

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