Obama To Push A Gay Pedophilia Agenda?

The link speaks for itself. Take it any way you want…

‘Gay’ pedophilia and Obama

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10 Responses to Obama To Push A Gay Pedophilia Agenda?

  1. Old Bogus says:

    This is from the WorldWingnutDaily; it should be considered as seriously an Onion article.

  2. Kyle says:

    It sounds to me like quite a lot of guesswork and conjecture. I don’t understand how the ideas in Jennings’ books have anything to do with what he will do as a fundraising co-chair. He’s not writing policy, right? He’s a funding wonk.

  3. rjjrdq says:

    The facts were stated. The conclusions drawn? That’s the debate. Again, take it anyway you want.

  4. This sounds like an outrage. I can not believe how these people have been emboldened so soon after the win for Obama. I do not feel that we got the whole story on Obama to tell the truth. I think he is a good campaginer and that is it. he will be like all the rest of the persidents that make all these promises that people think they will fulfill and do not. I do not like the fact that these people that cry for tolerance have show their true colors of intolerance. The last time I checked we still live in a FREE country where we are aloud to express of feelings and Ideas. If others don’t like it “GETOVER IT AND MOVE ON.” But nat for these people. I ask why do I have to have their lifestyle shoved down my throat and into my life. I believe that these people should have the right to see their partner in the hospital. With other rights I think they should have as americans. But please leave Marrige alone and move on.

  5. idyllicmollusk says:

    Why don’t all you straight people stop shoving your lifestyle down my throat? I mean, I have a straight friend, so I’m not prejudiced against straight people. I just think it’s really gross to have to see men and women holding hands and even kissing on the street! They are so flagrant about it. I can’t even turn on the TV without being bombarded with heterosexuals having sex! What if children see those images?

    The straights have such a stranglehold on education that I was never even TOLD queer people existed, let alone have children and get married. I was told that everyone has to marry one person of the opposite sex. Wow, talk about an agenda shoved down my throat. Why do straight people flaunt their orientation everywhere I look, even to children?


    BTW, WND isn’t known for “stating facts”.

  6. rjjrdq says:

    idyllic: It’s those wack jobs that want to perpetuate the species-I don’t know, you could make an argument…

  7. idyllicmollusk says:

    Kissing on the streets or having sex on TV doesn’t perpetuate any species I know of.

  8. Kyle says:

    yeah, dude, but I’m saying that I don’t see too many facts actually connected to Obama in this article. It seems like they are saying that because Jennings is a fund-raising co-chair for the LGBT community, Obama is therefore in the same camp as Jennings on all issues.

    the article seems way more about the horrors of GLSEN than about Obama at all.

    It’s just not a strong case.

    Furthermore, Linda Harvey is clearly not familiar with GLSEN at all. I am, and they certainly don’t condone criminal sexual contact between adults with minors. you could make arguments, I suppose, that some of what GLSEN does, taken out of context, might further separate GLBT students from other students, but their goal is not to create more hostility: it is to help ALL students not focus on sexual identity as a hot topic that divides them.

    It’s a weird article.

  9. idyllicmollusk says:

    Thanks for talking some sense Kyle!

  10. Catherine says:

    I’m with old bogus. Politics of nonsense still going strong.

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