California To Purge Illegal Alien Enrollment? Don’t Count On It

A recent California Court of Appeals ruling found that California’s policy of offering in-state tuition to illegal aliens was unconstitutional-against the law. Will the ruling make room for American citizens previously denied enrollment? We’re talking California…

The ruling, on a suit brought on behalf of 80,000 American citizens denied in-state tuition rates would ostensibly bring to an end to the practice of allowing illegal aliens to enroll at all. But in a state where some universities still practice their own form of affirmative action, the trainwreck that is Sacramento politics are sure to be looking for a way to subvert the ruling.

California already has “laws” that reward illegal behavior. AB 540, a law passed in 2001 that allowed undocumented immigrant students an exemption from nonresident tuition fees, is one. There’s the annual driver’s licenses for illegals bill, submitted by “One Bill Gil” Cedillo. And the list goes on.

With estimates of up to 18,000 illegal aliens enrolled in California colleges, This ruling should open the door for out-of-state students, ready and willing to enroll in California. The rates they would be paying would be a potential life-saver for the Cal State system, given the fact that they are looking to cut enrollment by 10,000 due to lack of money.

The more educated people the better, but when qualified Americans are pushed aside in favor of someone who cut in front of the line, it smacks of a broken system. It’s broken because existing laws are not enforced. Brain drain from south of the border is not a solution. It’s unfair to Americans, and devastating to developing countries.

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