China Hacking American Computers, Government Doing Nothing

As if poisoned food, lead covered toys, discombobulating tires for your car (and the list goes on), were not enough, add this to the list of things that China is battering the U.S. with: cyber warfare.

A U.S. congressional panel has come to the conclusion that China is engaging in cyber warfare, using a sophisticated network of hackers that target government and other essential computer systems.

Well, well, the buffoons that Diebold has installed in Washington might actually be waking up to this threat. Lou Dobbs has been warning of it for years. He’s also been on top of the trade deficit, the outsourcing to cheap foreign children, the poisoned food, the bad products, the currency manipulation, and everything else the communist regime of China is responsible for. We know that the jack asses in the Bush administration (I say his administration, because he can’t be making decisions), have not, and will not do anything. They have only exacerbated the problem with their inability or unwillingness to do anything at all.

So what about Obama? The China issue did not really come up during the campaign. Come to think of it, many issues did not come up. What were the issues? Well, here’s one, and it’s directly tied to the economy, the one issue that did consume the campaign. We’ve heard a few peeps from Obama regarding China’s behavior. Was it just talk, or will the president-elect actually do something before China ends up bankrupting and Jonestowning the United States?

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5 Responses to China Hacking American Computers, Government Doing Nothing

  1. itsyourturn says:

    oh is that happenin?

  2. itsyourturn says:

    you add me in your blog.lets share links dude.

  3. rjjrdq says:

    What/where is your blog?

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