Obama Turns To Yet Another Fannie Mae Crook

As if Rahm Emanuel’s culpability in the Freddie Mac meltdown wasn’t enough, president elect Barack Obama is spreading the love by having a former Fannie Mae lobbying capo as one of his top transition team members. Corruption we can believe in…

The latest no shame crook, Thomas Donilon, oversaw the lobbying crew that actually tried to have the agency responsible for overseeing Fannie Mae investigated themselves! He (the lobbyists under him) pressed lawmakers to gut the budget of the oversight agency, the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise, and make it subject to annual approval. Donilon was unsuccessful, and the rest is history. Of course, no one went to jail, so maybe he wasn’t that unsuccessful after all.

It doesn’t look like any change is coming. It looks like the other side of the same coin. Not many were happy with the last 8 years, and the next four (assuming Obama takes office), don’t look a whole lot better. Obama is hiring the same goons that have been trolling Washington for years? Are you happy with the job Washington is doing? I didn’t think so…

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4 Responses to Obama Turns To Yet Another Fannie Mae Crook

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  2. pacer521 says:

    why don’t we support him so we can have a better country?

    eh, that was too soft, wasn’t it.


  3. goodtimepolitics says:

    The only change I see is a change back to 4 more years of Clintons, …..Bill wasn’t to bad a president and so I guess we can depend on him as our president for the next 4 years, he has all his people in place along side himself and Hillary! Obama who? Is Obama a Bill Clinton aid now, looks to be.

  4. rjjrdq says:

    Maybe the only way Hillary would release her delegates was for Obama to agree to oversee the new Clinton administration.

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