Bush Pardons Assorted Scum, Leaves Border Agents Incarcerated

Once again, George Bush is showing what a piece of garbage he truly is. While handing out pardons to bottom-of-the-barrel slime, two heroic Border Patrol agents, who put their lives on the line in defense of our borders, continue to wallow in prison. Well, what kind of people did he think deserved a pardon?

Just the kind of people you would find in the Bush universe. All kinds of dope dealers, dope fiends, embezzlers, fraudsters, animal killers, perjurers-you name it, and Bush pardoned them. Yet Ramos and Campeon, the two border guards that shot a scumbag drug smuggler in the ass before he had a chance to get them, remain behind bars, doomed to solitary confinement because the illegal aliens that troll the prisons in this country know who they are. That’s how they ended up in solitary. They were attacked. We don’t have the details, but it was violent, and-it was a prison attack if you get my possible drift.

But George Bush seemed to think a guy that planned on selling crack to your kids was more deserving of a pardon. What could possibly be the logic behind that? Sure, everyone knows he’s balls-out open borders, but he’s on his way out now. There’s still time before January 20 for Bush to detach himself from Felipe Caulderon’s zipper and let these guys out. Yeah, and the Cubs might win the World Series…

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