Martial Law = No Obama?

With yet another bailout the American public were against, the U.S. government continues to run up the taxpayer tab on questionable bailouts to companies that have shown either a callous disregard, or bumbling ineptitude in business affairs. So far the money has been essentialy flushed down the corporate toilet. So why did this disastrous plan pass?

There are few reasons. Contrary to what Democrats and Republicans would have you believe, many campaigns on both sides of the aisle are funded by same sources. They may owe some favors upon being installed into office. There may be another reason as well.

As the elites jockey for position in the common agenda infrastructure, the Republican wing may be angling to keep George Bush in office a little-or maybe even alot longer. Threats of martial law were being thrown around the halls of Congress if the bailout bill didn’t pass. What would this mean other than the suspension of the Constitution? It would mean the sitting president could stay in office until the “crisis” had passed. A horrifying thought for any Dem. Although the agendas are essentially the same, it’s the road that is different. Clearly, there would be a battle, but what would/could the Democrats do? Send in the marshals to evict Bush? He would have dictatorial control at that point (as any president would), and it would all be legal.

There was an easy way to avoid the possibility: pass that bailout. Besides, who gets screwed in the end anyway? They don’t really need your vote anyway…

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4 Responses to Martial Law = No Obama?

  1. ANAND says:

    you sound like a real and damn politician..keep it up dude…

  2. rjjrdq says:

    No! Not a politician!

  3. ANAND says:

    But u sound like oneeeeeee.

  4. ANAND says:

    Anyways nice job dude…just go for it..

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