Obama Chooses A Racist For Administration Post

You may have heard the term post racial being bantered around this election season. It looks like that term, at least so far, only applies to whites. Obama caputured virtually all the black vote, and now, Latino advocacy groups are hopping up and down that he hasn’t added more of their people to top positions. Well, he must have been listening, because he picked a whopper.

Obama has tapped Cecilia Muñoz, senior vice president of National Council of La Raza to be the Intergovernmental Affairs director. I don’t think the average American knows exactly what is the purpose or necessity of that office.

It doesn’t matter for this conversation. Munoz belongs to a mob (the race) that is by and for Latinos, and Latinos only. It is a group that advocates blowing the borders (the Southern border that is) wide open, and flooding the country with members of la raza. They are a race-based hate group that will brand anyone else a racist for opposing them. God forbid a mob of whites came up with a group called the race. They are part of the 800 pound double-standard in the room. Yep, racism we can believe in…

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One Response to Obama Chooses A Racist For Administration Post

  1. An American says:

    It seems to me that since Obama has been elected there has been more talk of racism, racist comments, and it seems that we have been taken back 40 years. I thought we had moved forward, but not so. It is very unsetteling to see what the next 4 years will bring.

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