The Song Remains The Same

Well, let’s see. Obama has Hillary, Biden, and now Bill Richardson. All he needs is Kucinich and John ‘skirt chaser’ Edwards and change we can believe in will officially become a bald face lie.

At least the la raza can be happy that Obama chose Richardson for commerce secretary, and Cecilia “tan clan” Munoz for-official arm twister I think the post was. Hey, what’s an administration without a little hate?

Just go down the line, and the same bunch of buffoons that trashed the country in the first place are back again for more. America and Diebold were happy to oblige.

The government doesn’t know what to do about the problems this country is facing-they even admit it. Obama himself doesn’t know either, or he would have never chosen the hacks that he did. Can you say figurehead?

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