Racist Congressional Caucus Threatens Obama

The specter of token diversity has raised its ugly head. All of Barack Obama’s campaign hispandering has resulted in, to coin a phrase from his spiritual mentor Jeremiah Wright, “the chickens coming home to roost”.

Apparently, choosing the Racist Cecilia Munoz as Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, and Bill Richardson as Commerce Secretary wasn’t enough for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Yes, you got the name right, a national caucus of elected leaders of, by, and for Latinos, and Latinos only. They have decided to dictate the kind of change they can believe in.

The caucus has sent Obama’s transition team a letter recommending 14 Hispanic candidates for the remaining 8 cabinet positions. Did I say recommend? It was more like a demand. Racist chairman Joe Baca followed up the letter with a threat the Obama’s agenda could be jeopardized if he doesn’t pack the cabinet with Latinos. Using phrases such as “serving notice”, and “he’s going to have to answer” doesn’t sound like the kumbaya we all heard during the campaign.

As with most of his other picks thus far, Obama will probably buckle to the pressure and tokenize his cabinet to greater degree than he would probably like. The problem is, he’ll be tokenizing with anti-American racists such as Xavier Mecha Becerra, a contender for U.S. trade representative. If you want to know what Becerra has done, take a look at California. ‘Nuff said.

The Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action doesn’t apply to government. That’s too bad, but it probably wouldn’t make much difference anyway. Obama is either distressingly uninformed about who these people are and what their agenda is, or he’s just stone cold scared. My guess is a combination of both. Subversion we can believe in…

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