Supreme Court To Hear Obama Citizenship Case?

It’s on the docket for today. All of this most likely could have been avoided if Obama had just produced a birth certificate-a legitimate one. But he hemmed, and hawed, and stalled-and now it has made it to the Supreme Court.

After being summarily dismissed by Justice David jogging through the park in the middle of the night looking for young boys Souter, the case was picked up by Justice Clarence Thomas, and referred to the full court for a vote on whether the case will be heard. Some think it’s ironic that an African American actually referred this case. Those are the ones pretending to be post racial. He referred a case that looked like it had merit.

Will the court hear the case? Clearly, when 8 people stand before you and the overthrow of the the most powerful nation in history, there are things going on behind the scenes that the public will never know about. Is this just a ploy by Thomas? Is the rejection of this case already decided? Is this just a show to put this issue to rest once and for all? Maybe. But it all in all likelihood could have been laid to rest if Obama had just produced a birth certificate.

Well, now the case has evolved past the birth certificate to whether his father was a citizen or not. If he was not, as the Donofrio case claims, that would make Barack Obama a non-citizen at the time of his birth.

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